True Pitch Model 302

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Sale Price: $2,300.00
The True Pitch Model 302 Pitching Mound offers sturdy convenience coaches and officials love. Turf covered, simple to clean, and offering the ability to switch easily to softball or another diamond, the True Pitch is a must have for your team.

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Sale Price: $2,300.00
Popular for youth baseball, simple to clean and carry, and offering today’s young baseball players familiarity with the mound during both practice and play, the True Pitch Model 302 Pitching Mound is a fundamental part of any serious baseball training organization group for children. Sure to become a staple in the game they enjoy not only for the satisfaction of sport and improvement, this mound also offer parents peace of mind that their kids are better protected than they might be playing on a natural surface with less give or bare ground.

Noted for the benefit of safety it provides young players and the portability that parents and coaches appreciate on game days, this officially sanctioned TruePitch pitching mound is used by teams throughout the country as they enjoy Little League, Pony League, and Dixie Youth, and Babe Ruth baseball. Even better, it is Astroturf covered for perfect traction and handles practices and games well, no matter the weather.

Here’s the breakdown:

• Makes determining the space from mound to home plate easy
• Regulation size and height for most major youth baseball organizations
• Portable
• Astroturf covered for traction

What’s in it for me?

Whether you’re a parent, coach, or both, you can rest assured knowing that your kids are playing with quality equipment that will not only help keep them safe and offer you real convenience as you travel from diamond to diamond and game to game, but become the backdrop for a challenge and camaraderie that they will come to love as part of the great American pastime. The True Pitch Model 302 Pitching Mound offers undeniable quality that will last for many games and practices to come.