Heater Power Alley Pro

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The Heater Power Alley Pro Pitching Machine is a machine you’ll value for it’s affordability as much as you value it for the potential it unlocks in your game. Promising consistent and accurate pitching, the PowerAlley Pro handles lite balls with ease and regulation balls perfectly to help you improve your game - no matter what’s thrown your way.

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Sale Price: $149.99
With the ability to throw lite balls at speeds up to 60 mph, and regulation baseballs at speeds up to 45 mph, the Heater Power Alley Pro Pitching Machine packs a punch that you’ll appreciate. It comes with a complementary steel tripod stand and is housed in high quality nylon fiberglass for excellent durability practice after practice.
Heater Power Alley Pro
Speed Range Max: 45 mph/60mph**
Age Recommendation 6+ years old
Pitches Thrown Fast, Ground, Pop-Flys
Ball Feeder Included No
Warranty 1 Year [parts/labor]
Power Source Standard A/C Power
Weight 30 pounds
360° Swivel No
Speed Adjustment Variable Speed Control
Balls Included None
Time Between Pitches 5-10 seconds
Permitted Ball Types Real, Lite, Dimpled, Wiff.
Shipped Free Yes
Guarantee 30 Days
To add even more quality practice time to your routine, don’t forget to add the available 12 ball auto feeder, an accessory sure to keep you moving.

Just the stats:
The Heater Power Alley Pro Pitching Machine offers users a variety of throws including fastballs, pop-ups, and grounders which can be adjusted by changing the pitch height to suit your needs. The machine is powered by standard A/C, making it as convenient as it is versatile, while its relative light weight offers a tremendous benefit in portability.

Additional Product Information
• A/C Power
• Adjustable Pitch
• Speeds of up to 60 mph with lite balls, 45 mph with regulation balls
• Included tripod stand
• Variety of throws to suit your practice needs

What’s in it for me?
The PowerAlley Pro Pitching Machine levels the playing field and gives you an option for professional training at home at a fraction of the cost of most pitching machines on the market today. Practice hitting a variety of pitch styles and improve your skills in your own backyard with this truly versatile machine that you’ll find a great value for the way you play.

** Pitches standard weight baseballs at a maximum of 45 miles per hour, and lite baseballs at 65 miles per hour maximum.