Heater Baseball Pitching Machine Review

The Heater Baseball Pitching Machine is an excellent training tool in the hand of a coach. It has been known for some time now as Heater/Trend Sports’ number one bestseller for pitching machines, and has much more than just that to brag about. We recently unpackaged one, and gave our review on the machine.

As usual, we try to remain as comprehensive and unbiased as possible, but would love to hear your personal experience with the Heater/Trend Sports Baseball Machine and how it may compare to something else we haven’t mentioned. Leave your honest feedback below – thanks for watching! :)

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Hi, my name’s Mike from leaguepitchingmachines.com, and this is the Heater Baseball Pitching Machine.
The Heater Baseball Pitching Machine, also known as the Trend Sports Baseball Pitching Machine, is Heater’s best selling machine by far, and for good reason. At just under $400, the machine comes loaded with standard equipment that would normally be pretty costly.

Heater Baseball Pitching Machine

The Heater Baseball Pitching Machine is a high quality training tool for a younger player or league.

Age Recommendations: At speeds of between 15 and 50 miles per hour [mph], the age recommendation is between 6 and 13 years old, depending on skill level. Using at home in a batting cage, or on your local little league field would probably be the best fit.

Transportation and Usability: The machine weighs about 53 pounds, which is ideal for transportation to and from practice. It pitches the standard-size, regulation leather baseballs, or pitching machine baseballs, which as I said before, one is included with your purchase.

Automatic Ball Feeder: The auto feeder that comes with the machine is really nice. It holds 12 baseballs at once, and it delivers a pitch to the batter every 12 seconds.

Practice Drill Tips: You can adjust the height and speed of this pitching machine very easily, which is great for defensive drills. Most of the time when we think pitching machines, we’re thinking of batting practice, I know. But you can deliver a 50 mph grounder to your infield, or pop-flies to your outfield with ease, which makes for a greater return on your investment.

Quality Control: The steel housing unit on the machine gives it a real feel of quality. And for your peace of mind, you get a 30 day money back no-questions-asked guarantee. Plus a one year extended warranty on all parts and labor.

Pitching Machine Summary: Overall, I would recommend the Heater Baseball Pitching Machine to a young player or a league. The quality is definitely there and the price is right. This is Mike from leaguepitchingmachines.com – we want to hear your feedback on this machine, so leave your honest comments below. Thanks for watching, and happy training!

This post was published by Matthew Porretta, editor at League Pitching Machines.

4 thoughts on “Heater Baseball Pitching Machine Review

  1. Thanks for sharing the recommended ages Mike, this was helpful. Nice job on the video. Any plans to show a live demonstration of the pitching machine in action? Would love to see this.

    • Laurie — thanks for the feedback. We are actually brainstorming a “how to” post that will include live demonstration on how to use the pitching machine. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • We think so too, Angela. The steel legs on the machine are easily removed with a twist of the thumb screws [no tools required], and can therefore be shuttled to and from practice without a hassle. Thanks for the comment.

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