An Interview with Gary McCoy

We were able to sneak in an interview with Gary McCoy, strength and conditioning coach for the Houston Astros. Gary is a visionary when it comes to the sport of baseball, and shares his story with us of how it all started. He gives valuable advice to players who want to make it to the Major Leagues, and also speaks to up and coming strength and conditioning coaches. Sit down, grab a coffee, and enjoy!

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Proper Pitching Machine Maintenance and Care

Pitching Machines generally represent a significant investment on behalf of an organization or an individual. If you own – or are in charge of caring for a pitching machine — maintaining it properly is of the highest priority. Consistent maintenance accomplishes two things: It keeps the machine functioning properly and with accuracy, and it helps ensure that those using and caring for the machine are safe. Continue reading

Affordable Pitching Machines to Fit Your Budget

Any coach who has spent some time searching for a quality pitching machine has inevitably come to the realization that most pitching machines worth their salt are nothing short of a major investment. You really can spend thousands of dollars. But for many parents and coaches living in today’s economy, spending the life savings on training their player is not an option. Buyers often have the legitimate concern that inexpensive pitching machines carry fewer features and less longevity than their professional-quality counterparts, and those benefits are reflected in dollars and cents.  Continue reading

Top Pitching Machine Manufacturers

Whether you’re a coach or parent searching for the perfect pitching machine for young players, or just an information junkie that enjoys everything sports related, this article is for you.  We want to help you get to know the top pitching machine manufacturers and give you a brief overview of their products so that you can enjoy high quality, reliable training aides that ultimately suit your needs while learning more about the best producers in the world of baseball and softball solutions. Continue reading

Pitching Machines: The Beginner’s Buying Guide

The following guide provides the reader detailed insight into the various types of baseball  and softball pitching machines available on the market. We will be reviewing who should use particular machines based on their needs, the features standard and not-so-standard machines offer, and how you should ultimately determine the best pitching machine for you or your team.

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Top 5 Pitching Machine Practice Drills

Okay. You’ve been blessed with a great pitching machine and a kid or a team of kids who love the game.  How do you best use the machine to give your players an edge?  Many coaches don’t think to use their pitching machine for both offense and defense drills as well. Here are a few classic and simple pitching machine practice drills that are sure to help your baseball and/or softball enthusiasts gain an edge: Continue reading

An Interview with Coach Rick Heller

We were delighted recently to have Coach Rick Heller of the Indiana State Sycamores give us an exclusive interview over the phone. As you’ll hear in the interview, Coach Heller carries a strong focus on player development both on and off the field – which really impressed us as we spoke, to be honest. For those of you who don’t know him, take a few minutes to get to know Coach Rick Heller, and leave your feedback at the bottom. Enjoy!

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