JUGS Sting-Free Dimpled Baseballs

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Sale Price: $38.99
Dimpled balls offer more precision and consistency than their regulation counterparts when used with traditional pitching machines. Make sure your pitching machine practice is all it can be when you utilize JUGS Sting-free Dimpled Baseballs with your JUGS Baseball Machine to improve your overall performance at bat on game day.

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Sale Price: $38.99
Made especially for JUGS Baseball Pitching Machines, these solid, dimpled balls offer up consistency and precision that their regulation counterparts simply can’t. Leather balls with classic stitching don’t offer the same accuracy as these dimpled balls, so these are much more ideal for practice when every detail counts. They mirror regulation balls in both size and weight, so there are no surprises on game day.

Just the stats:

Solid balls, available in timeless white or brilliant optic yellow for simpler tracking, these dimpled balls are the same size and weight as the regulation baseballs that you’re already accustomed to and they even feel just like a classic leather covered ball when you make contact with the bat. Perfect for practice, these balls are created to get you ready for the game as others balls just can’t.

Here’s the breakdown:

• Choice of pure white or optic yellow hues
• No stitching/no seam, consistent dimple design
• 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
• Size and weight of a regulation baseball
• Great for practice and drills

What’s in it for me?

Sometimes improving your game means improving the tools in your repertoire. In this case, non-traditional dimpled balls give you a lot more bang for your buck by providing consistency and accuracy as regulation balls can’t when used in combination with a pitching machine. Even better, they promise not to sting if they should make contact with your hands. Train like you mean it with JUGS Sting-free Dimpled Baseballs and reap the rewards of a game well played.