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Proper Pitching Machine Maintenance and Care

Pitching Machines generally represent a significant investment on behalf of an organization or an individual. If you own – or are in charge of caring for a pitching machine — maintaining it properly is of the highest priority. Consistent maintenance accomplishes two things: It keeps the machine functioning properly and with accuracy, and it helps ensure that those using and caring for the machine are safe. Continue Reading

Affordable Pitching Machines to Fit Your Budget

Any coach who has spent some time searching for a quality pitching machine has inevitably come to the realization that most pitching machines worth their salt are nothing short of a major investment. You really can spend thousands of dollars. But for many parents and coaches living in today's economy, spending the life savings on training their player is not an option. Buyers often have the legitimate concern that inexpensive pitching machines carry fewer features and less longevity than their professional-quality counterparts, and those benefits are reflected in dollars and cents.  Continue Reading